Custom Software Development

Hi! My name is Matthew Lowe. I’m a programmer and project manager in Abilene, TX.

Need something built? I’m part of a phenomenal network of experts who would love to help.


We make things.

Mobile Apps

If you’re in West Texas and need a mobile or web app, you’ve come to the right place. We create cross-platform and native apps, and are comfy in a variety of web frameworks.

Business Integrations

We have a lot of experience making business systems talk to each other. Forget the technical mumbo-jumbo. Just tell us what you need it to do.

Other Cool Stuff

We really like getting things done. Sometimes those things are software, but sometimes they’re standing desks or robot turtles. Consider us your general contractor for creative projects.

    Get that project started!

    Why “Literate Programmer”?

    My business is called “Literate Programmer” because I spend most of my time writing things. Often those things are code, but sometimes they’re articles or implementation plans. I have degrees in computer science and print journalism, and worked for ten years writing software for electrical engineers before starting work on custom software for people like you.

    Also, “Literate Programmer” is a play on the name of an odd software development paradigm, Literate Programming, in which code can be compiled into either a machine-readable format or a human-readable program description. But that’s probably more than you wanted to know.